15 Must-Have Supplies For Every Lash Artist’s Work Kit

15 Must-Have Supplies For Every Lash Artist's Work Kit Uncategorized

Lash artists are an important part of the beauty industry. Not only do they provide customers with gorgeous lashes, but they also make sure that their products and services are high quality. That’s why a lash artist needs to make sure their work kit is always well-stocked with the essential supplies for their craft. Here is a list of 15 must-have supplies you need in your work kit as a professional lash artist.


It’s important to have two different types of scissors in your work kit – one sharp pair for cutting individual lashes and one blunt pair for cleaning up after lashing.

Reusable Falsies

Reusable false lashes allow you to switch them out between clients, thereby reducing waste and increasing efficiency as each client receives a fresh set of falsies on their service.


A good set of tweezers is essential to any lash artist’s kit; grab whatever size you prefer, keeping in mind that the thinner the tips are, the more precise you can be while applying lashes.

Eyelash Glue

Look for eyelash glues with low fumes and fast drying times – this will help keep your clients comfortable and reduce application time significantly.

Adhesives & Removers

Having both adhesive strips and bubble-free remover solutions on hand will save you time and money down the line because it reduces candle shrinkage on finished sets as well as decreases service time during removal appointments.

Tape & Stickers

Craft tape or masking tape works great for protecting lower lashes during lashing sessions, and stickers are perfect for labelling tabs on multi-layer fans.

Isolation Tweezers

Isolation tweezers come in useful when separating large fans or creating more defined looks on fine baby hairs during volume lashing applications.

Disposable Applicators/Brushes

Disposable applicator sticks or brushes should be used to apply primer or corrector fluid prior to lashing onto natural hairs; they should also be used when blending clumps together so there aren’t empty spots in a final set because makeup brushes can sometimes leave residue behind which will weaken adhesion strength if not properly cared for between uses.

Primer & Corrector Fluid

Having both primer fluid (to prepare natural hairs) and corrector fluid (to remove oil buildup) helps create stronger bonds between your extensions and natural lash roots, making for stronger adhered sets that last longer without needing touchups sooner than expected due to premature shedding from weak attachments due to oil buildup from skincare products used by clients at home or other external factors beyond our control .

Lint Free Sponges & Towels

Microfiber towels are perfect for wiping away excess moisture while completing lash applications; they’re also safe to use around eyes so makeup removal isn’t necessary first before attending a lashing session! Lint-free sponges are ideal for tidying up stray glue drops without leaving fuzz behind all over face afterward either!

Cleaning Solutions/Makeup Wipes

Cleaning solutions help breakdown proteins left over from previous adhesive application residues so next appointment goes much smoother overall, while makeup wipes allow quick cleanup of tiny spills without needing too much water (which can potentially drip onto eyes if water droplets fall from hands).

Mannequin Head/Pillow/Training Doll Head Set

Investing in mannequin head with blinking abilities similar to humans will help practice formulating beautiful classic vanity looks without sacrificing making mistakes on actual people; however if needed pillow wedges along with training doll heads still give great practice results depending on skill level already achieved!

Medical Tape Roll & Cotton Swabs

Medical tape roll works excellent when taping off the area outside eye area where extensions would get applied (this process ensures extensions stays within certain parameters away from crease area but close enough near tear duct zone just don’t actually place products there!), meanwhile cotton swabs help pick up smaller pieces of fallen loose strands therefore there won’t any mess left behind afterwards… no embarrassing clean ups later!

Pencil /notebook paper

Make sure you have these handy especially when taking notes during session – specific techniques learned , brainstorm ideas plus how successful complete look turns out etc., Notebooks helps serve as reminders later plus becomes great reference points too since memory tends fade quickly .

Charity Donation Container / Bag

Encourage Newbies / Artists encourages donating towards anything worthwhile causes rather than throw away un useful left over products such cardboard boxes , untouched samples , remnants glue bottles etc., container bags become nice visual elements display intention helping contribute others going through harder circumstances than us ! No shamed admitting how fortunate one really thus paying forward pays back blessings received always!

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